The Dallas Bling Queen

Seema Patel

The Dallas Bling Queen

"Growing up, any piece of jewelry I could adorn myself with would capture my heart.
My mom LOVED jewelry and I am a firm believer I got my love for fine jewelry from my momma."
- Seema.

Seema's Journey

Turning Dreams Into Reality With Passion

Seema Patel's journey, rooted in a childhood passion for jewelry inspired by her mother, has evolved into the pioneering vision behind Seema & Co. Blending traditional elegance with modern innovation, Seema has transformed her personal story into a brand that challenges industry norms. As a first-generation North Indian woman in the heart of Frisco, TX, she's redefining what it means to be a leader in the jewelry world. In an industry often seen as a man's realm, Seema & Co. breaks the mold, standing for diversity, innovation, and authenticity.

"I owe this love affair with fine jewelry to my mother, a connoisseur of exquisite pieces, who taught me that jewelry is more than adornment; it's a narrative of our lives."
- Seema.

Our Creative Hub

More Than Just Jewelry. It’s a personal experience

Seema & Co. is not just a jewelry store; it's a hub of creativity and personal service, building lifelong relationships as your jeweler bestie.

Unique, Personalized, and Truly Yours

Crafting Dreams into Reality

Our design process is as unique as our pieces. Clients are free to touch, feel, and even wear a wax mold before the real magic happens. This collaborative approach ensures every piece is a reflection of one’s dreams and desires.

Beyond Beauty. It’s Quality and Affordability.

The Magic Behind the Selection

Choosing the best stones isn’t just Seema’s skill—it’s an art. By closely collaborating with industry pros, she ensures a perfect blend of beauty, quality, and affordability in every selection. No wonder she’s fondly called ‘The Bling Queen’.

The Wish Program

Forging Lasting Bonds

Share your wishlist with us, and we'll work discreetly to bring your dreams to fruition, ensuring every client feels exclusively catered to.

Concierge Service Across the Nation


Wherever you are in the USA, Seema & Co. brings the warmth and expertise of our bespoke jewelry service right to your living room. It’s our way of making luxury a part of your personal story.

The Journey of Every Piece

Your Story, Our Craft

We don't just create jewelry; we forge lasting friendships and become a part of your life's journey. At Seema & Co., every piece tells a story. Your story.