With Seema & Co., you're not just crafting jewelry. You're crafting memories.

Discover Permanent Jewelry with Seema & Co.

The Art of Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is more than a style statement. It's a reflection of life's most cherished bonds and memories. With Seema & Co., each piece is a testament to timeless bonds and effortless elegance. No clasps, no fuss. Just pure, radiant connection.

The Seema & Co. Experience

Personalized Selection

Handpick your design and let it echo your individual journey.

Expert Crafting

Our artisans meticulously fit and weld, making the jewelry truly a part of you

Wear with Pride

With Seema & Co., every day is a chance to shine with a piece that lasts

Your Permanent Jewelry Destination in Frisco and Dallas, TX

In the vibrant lanes of Frisco and Dallas lies Seema & Co. - a haven for jewelry lovers. Rooted deeply in the Texan tradition yet globally inspired, our collections exude unmatched craftsmanship. Be it an anklet, bracelet, or necklace, we offer a piece of forever, right here in Texas.

All You Need to Know

Beyond the shimmer, it's a symbol. A bond, a memory, or a milestone. It's jewelry that lives with you, always.

Moments! Once you’ve chosen your design, we ensure the perfect fit and weld it swiftly.

Travel without a hitch. Our jewelry is designed for globe-trotters like you.

Quality meets affordability. Our collection starts at $50, catering to a myriad of tastes and budgets.

Though we cherish the forever bond, you can always remove your jewelry with a simple snip. And we're here for a re-weld anytime!

Embark on Your Permanent Jewelry Journey

Begin a journey where memories meet metal. Dive into our cozy corners in Frisco and Dallas, and let's craft a tale of timeless beauty together.