Bespoke Jewelry: FAQs

1. The Bespoke Journey

To initiate your bespoke journey, simply complete our Bespoke Consultation Form. Share your ideas about budget, design, and timeframe to help us serve you best.

Ideally, decide on your diamond about 8–10 weeks before you'd like your ring. This window ensures the finest selections and a dedicated crafting period of 4-6 weeks.

Our expertise isn’t limited to engagement rings. Celebrate all occasions with our crafted jewelry. From birthdays to anniversaries, we’ve got you covered.

 2. Crafting and Customizations

Bring us an inherited gem, and let’s collaborate to infuse it with a fresh aura while preserving its sentimental essence.

Every Seema & Co. design is a canvas. Share your distinct vision, and let’s bring it to life together.

Our master jewelers meticulously shape each piece. Should you face any tight schedules, we always strive to adjust.

3. Costs and Commitments

Once your diamond is chosen, a 50% deposit is needed. We’re flexible with payment methods; wire transfers, checks, credit cards, and ACH are accepted. For any financing needs, just reach out.

Collections from our Frisco showroom are subject to Texas state sales tax. For shipped items, the tax relevant to the destination applies.

The bespoke experience at Seema & Co. is transparent, with no extra concierge fees. The focus is purely on crafting your vision.

4. Service and Support

Seema & Co. caters to jewelry lovers globally. Experience our service remotely, viewing diamonds through HD imagery and scheduling online consultations.

Trust is integral. All bespoke items come with a lifetime warranty, covering manufacturing anomalies. Reach out for any concerns; we're here to assist.

Every crafted piece is shipped with utmost care, with insurance in place, and awaits your signature upon delivery.

5. Ethics and Policies of

Every diamond has an ethically sourced story. We are staunch supporters of the Kimberley Process and its commitment to conflict-free diamonds.

We advocate insuring your valuable pieces. Use the provided appraisal to add your jewelry to your insurance, ensuring peace of mind.

Due to the personalized nature of our pieces, cancellations, refunds, or exchanges are not feasible post order confirmation. However, we're always open to discussing and addressing any of your concerns.

6. Visiting Seema & Co.

Experience our curated collections from Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in Frisco. For a dedicated session, it's best to schedule an appointment.